Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tales of Phantasia

I started playing ToP on the PSP (using the snes9x port by 'y', and the translated rom)..
It's really good!! I can see how Tales of Simphonia (The one I'm playing on the GameCube) takes lots of elements from this title. Most likely all "Tales" games are like this, but I wouldn't know, as I've only played this two..
The menu interface is like any RPG, but the battles have a semi-real-time interface, where you only control the main character, and the rest of the party is controlled by the AI.
What I didn't like about ToP is that it has random encounters, and I thought it was a little more fresh the way it's handled in ToS, where you can see monsters, and most time evade them (Like in the "Chrono" series, but also in the world map)...
Here's a screenshot I grabbed from WikiPedia:


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