Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So much stuff I want to talk about...

There's just so much stuff I want to talk about!! My hope is that the comunity will help fill the holes, so that we'll all be more informed on what's going on...
Let me start by talking a bit about myself...
The first RPG (and I really mean CRPG, but I like the RPG acronym better) I remember playing was Origin's Ultima III (http://www.uo.com/archive/ultima3/). I remember thinking, "wow this looks really fun, you have the ability to really explore this virtual world.." It gave me a feeling that no game had ever given me.. A feeling of freedom.. But the controls were really clumsy, and not being exposed to the genre before, I remember dropping it after like 15mins.
Next came Ultima IV(http://www.uo.com/archive/ultima4/) (I was like 15 probably), a friend kept telling me how good it was, so I decided to give it a shot..
I got instantly hooked. The interface was so good (although a joke by today's standards).. I played this game for months, and finished it!!
Next came Ultima V, VI, VII, VII-part two, VIII... I never played IX or X, or whatever the last one was... I had moved on by then..
At the same time Ultima VI or VII was out, I also tried a different kind of RPG, The Eye of the Beholder. I finished II and then I. They were different, because they were first person, and 3d. (But not like moder 3rd person shooter games, the EOB didn't have smooth scrolling; rather, the character moved one "block" at a time, and made 90degree turns..)
I never owned a SNES system, so I was first introduced to Final Fantasy on an emulator. It was the translated FF V, the version that never came to America. And it became my favorite game of all time. The story and the music were so good...
After FF V, I played VI on the emu.. And I was prepared for VII....
I had to wait until VII was ported to PC, as I didn't own a PlayStation.. But it was woth every second of the wait. Final Fantasy VII pushed V out of the throne and became my new favorite game. Sprites had been replaced with real-time vecorial renderings!! The music was better, and the story!! What a plot!! What twists!!, It was better than any movie I had ever seen.
I then played FF VIII, and IX, but only X was really good enough to capture me like VII did.
In parallel I also played other Square games like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. And I think both are fantastic games too..
But three years ago I came across a gem... I don't really understand how I missed it before. But Xenogears, is without doubt as good, or better than Final Fantasy.
Two years ago I played Xenosaga, Episode I. But it was not nearly as good as Xenogears. (Xenogears is supposedly like episode III or IV in the saga.. I'm not sure if they'll re-make it, or if it was just used as a base to build upon and create a whole new saga)..


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