Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hey dudes... first of all... are you thinking about a RPG... DOOM RPG? Yes! Finally it's here... long awaited for me at least, but it's out there. Inmerse yourself in a hell of a game anyplace and anytime using your cell phone.
A turn-based first person shooter role playing game set in da doom universe. Say goodbye to humdrum mobile gaming and prepare yourself for the return to Mars in a showdown with the legions of Hell! Thy flesh will be consumed...
Feel again be surrounded by those cacodemons of hell.. even green imps! Those ugly bastards are back and very thirsty for blood.

Unfortunately is currently not available for my carrier and/or country... But I'm sure I can get this game somewhere else... Raf? :-D

Raf, if you are reading... THE TUMAN WILL BURN YOUR SOUL!!! MHWUAH HWUAW HWUAH!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lunar: Dragon Song DS

Long time no see... here's my review about this game.

First of all, I must admit the character design took my attention from the first time I saw the box. the game is very well detailed and for me, the graphics are very polished. Don't forget it's the first RPG for the DS/US.

About the story, it's good enough. Interesting point of view and the game has nice characters (and very funny), something very desirable.

Ok, let's go straight to the bad: the combat system. Man, every RPG player spects some fun in battles, and you know what I'm talking about. you spend a -lot- of time in almost every RPG battling monsters and gaining experience to reach higher levels, weapons and armour and so on... but I don't know those lads of the devel group were thinking when they decided THAT YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE BATTLES! You can select automatic or manual combat at the beginning of the battle... and automatic means FULL automatic. You cannot even select which monster you can attack! Can you believe it? Well, no problem. Let's choose 'manual' mode and surprise!!! Yuo can select if you cure, attack or scape indeed, but you -cannot- choose the monster to be attacked. Teh order of battles is rather simple: first you attack flying monsters and then the ground type ones, period. You can choose while you're on the forests before battle if you want to gain experience or items in a battle... yes, you decide: items or experience, but NOT BOTH! This is specially annoying bc in this game you have to work in order to obtain money/special items and so on. Nice idea about working, but the combat systems really sucks, it's boring and I'm very dissapointed about it.

Well, I feel relaxed now :-P. I've sold the game and I'm waiting for some nice RPG titles for the DS coming soon. Here's a first glimpse:

- Xenosaga I&II
- Children of Mana
- Final Fantasy III
- Tales of the Tempest
- Iron Feather

I hope this review may be helpful to you...

And if theres a hardcore Dreamcast reader around (sorry, I'm a little out of topic, since the DC is not portable :-P) there will be two new dreamcast games on february: under defeat and rajirugi (japanese olny releases).



Thursday, September 08, 2005

More on KoP

I just stumbled across this piece of news at pspupdates.com:

Available November 15th -- Rating Pending
Kingdom of Paradise is an action-RPG title where players take the role of a young warrior outcast named Shinbu. When one of the five martial clans attempts to disrupt a peaceful balance of power within the land of Ohka,
Shinbu seeks to defend his clan and restore equal power to the five clans that once ruled the world. With more than 20 hours of gameplay, players will venture through vast, living worlds and battle mythical enemies in a quest to restore peace to Ohka. More than 150 sword attack styles are available and
players can create unique fighting combos by customizing sword attacks and moves gained throughout the game. In Ad Hoc mode, custom-created sword skills can be shared with friends and players can battle in one-on-one matches. Special skills and defensive items, along with an exclusive sword, are available to download via Infrastructure mode.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kingdom of Paradise = Tenchi no Mon!!!!!

Finally!!!! That elusive game "Kingdom of Paradise" has shown itself!!
From IGN:
"Based in a fantasy realm, Kingdom of Paradise tells the story of the fall into chaos when the Kirin clan broke 300 years of peace between five martial clans in the land of Ohka. The warrior Shinbu has set out, after his clan was destroyed by the assault, to find a way to restore peace to Ohka. Besides its sprawling adventure story across 20 hours of play, Kingdom of Paradise distinguishes itself on PSP with a unique style to its action combat, where you can select from more than 150 sword attack styles and increase your skills in battles that combine realtime action and turn-based battle customization. The game also features downloadable extra skills and items (including an exclusive sword) over a wireless connection to the net, two-player battles over an ad-hoc wireless connection, skill trading (also over ad-hoc wireless with another player), and designs by Korean animator Ko Jinho."

Thursday, August 18, 2005

PSP Ys pushed into 2006 - PSP News at GameSpot

Bad news, guys!! :(
PSP Ys pushed into 2006 - PSP News at GameSpot

This is a hard blow on the PSP RPG scene (if there was such a thing).

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Baten Kaitos

The more I play this game, the more I like it. Battles are really fun, now that I figured that I needed to setup my deck :) I played for the first 5 hours of the game with the default deck + passes to fill in the blanks... Oh boy.. If you play this game, make sure you add new Magnus to your deck as you get them, and remove old less powerful ones...
I still think the voiceovers suck!!
It would be really cool if you could have the voices in japanese and the text in english.. I wonder if one could create such a disc by using both the american and jap versions of the game, and replaced some files in one with files from the other.. it could work.. But to be able to do such a thing, you would need some sort of mod-chip.. If I had one, I would really try to do this, as it would make this game so much more enjoyable.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Eternal Darkness and Baten Kaitos

I have not been able to find Eternal Darkness...
I tried Circuit City, Target, Gamestop, Electronics Boutique, and even Walmart so far, and nothing...
I eneded up buying Baten Kaitos at EB for now.. I've played like 5 hours so far..

I really thought I was not going to like the battle system too much (as it is a turn-based, card based system, with real time elements); but I must say that it's a lot of fun..
The music is also very good, and the graphics for the battles are gorgeous..
The in game backgrounds are beautiful, but pre-rendered, which is not common now a days; and not necesarily a good thing..

What I hate the most about the game is the dubbed voice overs.. I'm sorry Namco localization team; but you did a terrible job at this.. Not only the acting leaves a lot to be desired, but the sound files seem to have been compressed with a really low bitrate (or something), and some sequences sound like if the character was talking from inside a cardboard box!!

This, as opposed to really good dub jobs like the ones for FF X or ToS, is really sad.
It's a very good thing that the clips can be turned off, or skipped during the game, though.

The story is good so far; but we'll see.. as I've only played 5 hours..


RPGamer has an article and a preview about Popolocrois.
In the article they mention an early October release for Popolocrois; which doesn't quite match the 9/27 date we knew about, but it's fairly close.