Thursday, August 11, 2005

I finished ToS

What a great game!! It was refreshing playing something this fun! It took me around 55hours to complete the game; and I know I didn't finish all the sub-quests. You can easily play this game for 80+ hours.
I thought that Kratos was the coolest character in this game, and came across a "Kratos" Club... Which I personally think it's a bit too much!
Darkmoon recomended I try "Eternal Darkness" (its not a Jap-RPG, but a Lovecraft's inspired adventure).. I'll see if I find it.. I went to both Circuit City and Target yesterday, and no luck!. I'll try Electronic Boutique and Game Spot today.. I need a hair cut anyways, so I'll go to the mall after work..


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what is tos?

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