Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kingdom of Paradise (again!)

OK, enough of this sidetracking and procrastination!! I need to learn more about this game..
Off to wikipedia!! For those of you that don't know about it, Wikipedia is a Wiki powered, and completely open online encyclopedia.. I've become addicted to it (I recently signed up and made some updates to Naoki Urasawa - sensei's article, I earlier made some additions anonymouly too)..
Anyways, Wikipedia returned nothing... It's time to get serious....
IGN, PSP411, CircuitCity, Amazon, I even tried Walmart!!!!, but nobody seems to know about this elusive title... could it be an error on gamestop.com's website??
Gamestop describes it as follows: "Three hundred years ago, the known world consisted of nine continents spread across a vast ocean. Ohka was the center of this world, ruled by five martial art houses, until Sema, one of the continents threatened their rule. Once considered an outcast, Shinbu returns home and defends his clan, the Gate of Seiryu. After learning that he and a girl name Suirin are the only two living clan members left, Shinbu joins her on a journey to defend their clan and return the balance of powers in Okha."
And continues: "As he travels through Tenchi no Mon's world, Shinpu will collect more than 150 different kinds of Sword Sheets, which allow the martial arts fighter to use certain techniques. By combining these sword techniques, he will gain access to chain attacks. Another option to attack enemies in the game are deathblow techniques comparable to magic spells. If the player finds out the elemental weakness of an enemy, he can exploit it by using the corresponding deathblow technique to deal a massive amount of damage to his foe."
I gotta say... WTF???


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