Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kingdom of Paradise = Tenchi no Mon!!!!!

Finally!!!! That elusive game "Kingdom of Paradise" has shown itself!!
From IGN:
"Based in a fantasy realm, Kingdom of Paradise tells the story of the fall into chaos when the Kirin clan broke 300 years of peace between five martial clans in the land of Ohka. The warrior Shinbu has set out, after his clan was destroyed by the assault, to find a way to restore peace to Ohka. Besides its sprawling adventure story across 20 hours of play, Kingdom of Paradise distinguishes itself on PSP with a unique style to its action combat, where you can select from more than 150 sword attack styles and increase your skills in battles that combine realtime action and turn-based battle customization. The game also features downloadable extra skills and items (including an exclusive sword) over a wireless connection to the net, two-player battles over an ad-hoc wireless connection, skill trading (also over ad-hoc wireless with another player), and designs by Korean animator Ko Jinho."


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