Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Eternal Darkness and Baten Kaitos

I have not been able to find Eternal Darkness...
I tried Circuit City, Target, Gamestop, Electronics Boutique, and even Walmart so far, and nothing...
I eneded up buying Baten Kaitos at EB for now.. I've played like 5 hours so far..

I really thought I was not going to like the battle system too much (as it is a turn-based, card based system, with real time elements); but I must say that it's a lot of fun..
The music is also very good, and the graphics for the battles are gorgeous..
The in game backgrounds are beautiful, but pre-rendered, which is not common now a days; and not necesarily a good thing..

What I hate the most about the game is the dubbed voice overs.. I'm sorry Namco localization team; but you did a terrible job at this.. Not only the acting leaves a lot to be desired, but the sound files seem to have been compressed with a really low bitrate (or something), and some sequences sound like if the character was talking from inside a cardboard box!!

This, as opposed to really good dub jobs like the ones for FF X or ToS, is really sad.
It's a very good thing that the clips can be turned off, or skipped during the game, though.

The story is good so far; but we'll see.. as I've only played 5 hours..


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