Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lunar: Dragon Song DS

Long time no see... here's my review about this game.

First of all, I must admit the character design took my attention from the first time I saw the box. the game is very well detailed and for me, the graphics are very polished. Don't forget it's the first RPG for the DS/US.

About the story, it's good enough. Interesting point of view and the game has nice characters (and very funny), something very desirable.

Ok, let's go straight to the bad: the combat system. Man, every RPG player spects some fun in battles, and you know what I'm talking about. you spend a -lot- of time in almost every RPG battling monsters and gaining experience to reach higher levels, weapons and armour and so on... but I don't know those lads of the devel group were thinking when they decided THAT YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE BATTLES! You can select automatic or manual combat at the beginning of the battle... and automatic means FULL automatic. You cannot even select which monster you can attack! Can you believe it? Well, no problem. Let's choose 'manual' mode and surprise!!! Yuo can select if you cure, attack or scape indeed, but you -cannot- choose the monster to be attacked. Teh order of battles is rather simple: first you attack flying monsters and then the ground type ones, period. You can choose while you're on the forests before battle if you want to gain experience or items in a battle... yes, you decide: items or experience, but NOT BOTH! This is specially annoying bc in this game you have to work in order to obtain money/special items and so on. Nice idea about working, but the combat systems really sucks, it's boring and I'm very dissapointed about it.

Well, I feel relaxed now :-P. I've sold the game and I'm waiting for some nice RPG titles for the DS coming soon. Here's a first glimpse:

- Xenosaga I&II
- Children of Mana
- Final Fantasy III
- Tales of the Tempest
- Iron Feather

I hope this review may be helpful to you...

And if theres a hardcore Dreamcast reader around (sorry, I'm a little out of topic, since the DC is not portable :-P) there will be two new dreamcast games on february: under defeat and rajirugi (japanese olny releases).




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